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Our Mission


Our goal at Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham is to inspire people to see themselves and others in a new way. We have created a safe place where people of all genders, colors, and orientations can find support, tools, and education pertaining to body image and self-esteem. We are creating a radical self-love community in Birmingham where people can be themselves, and be celebrated for that.

BBBham is a place where you will find real content and support from our peers. This is a judge free zone, where all of us are in this together. We represent the marginalized, and we want to include, invite, and inspire the people of Birmingham to join us!

The media only shows 15% of all bodies. Only 15% out of all people who exist. That is insane! We need to see more than just straight, white, and thin bodies in our media. With BBBham, and our youth extension Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham Teen, we want to give exposure to more bodies of color, queer bodies, fat bodies, non-abled bodies, and everyone in-between!

Representation is important and language matters. We are all worthy and we are done apologizing. We want to confront sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ageism and body shaming. On our website and in our zines, you will see people who look like you and read their stories that you can relate to.

We plan on providing radical self-love workshops, yoga classes, and more events in the coming year. BBBham is an official non-profit and accepts donations to make that happen. We want to continue to build partnerships with likeminded groups and organizations in the city.

We will support one another so we can inspire our children and future generations to love and accept themselves fully.

Come change the world with us!